Brrr.. winter is approaching!

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I have just returned from my lovely holiday overseas.  My husband and I had a fantastic time visiting our son and daughter-in-law in Wales and then spoilt ourselves by visiting Greece, Croatia and Slovenia before travelling back home.  I highly recommend visiting Croatia and Slovenia as the countryside was absolutely beautiful and the people warm and friendly.  Pictured above is a Rovinj a beauty city in Croatia.

Shortly after we arrived home we welcomed our first grandchild! He is a beautiful boy whom I'm going to love spending time with as he grows. Grandchildren enrich our lives and I am blessed to be a Grandmother!

Now.. I'm back into the 'swing of things' and as the days shorten and cool down you might be tempted, like me, to curtail the regular walk or exercise that you do.  But maybe a better approach is to modify what we do.  For example, rather than walking in the cold and dark, why not visit the pool instead. It sure beats walking around outside.

Aqua aerobics is kind on joints and muscles whilst still giving you a good workout. Swimming laps is one of the best ways to build stamina and strength without risk of sprains and strains.

According to Sunflair the colour palette for the months ahead is very broad and goes way beyond the traditional earthy tones we are so used to during the cooler months. As always black is a favourite on its own but also teamed with white in monochrome patterns will be very popular again.

Check out Erilan's swimwear and enjoy exercising during the cooler months!

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Jill Tucker

Owner / Manager

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