Celebrating the 2018 Commonwealth Games

What a wonderful event the Commonwealth Games are! I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time at the Gold Coast with my family and soak up the lively atmosphere.

We stayed in a cabin at a caravan park, which was a wonderful experience for my 2 year old Grandson. We were spoiled for choice with all the swimming pools, water parks and activities that were on hand.

Over our time there, I watched hockey, badminton and some track and field events. The men’s hockey match between Scotland and Canada was a treat. The game was fast paced with plenty of attacking and defending. The high energy level transmitted itself to the crowd who responded accordingly with much cheering.

Now, badminton was an eye-opener! I hadn’t realised how fast the shuttlecocks flew or how hard they were ‘whacked’ (I’m quite sure the players would use a much more professional term than that!). Also, how expensive the shuttlecocks are - $40 - $50 each and they use hundreds per match. Another interesting fact you might like is that they are made with feathers from a goose’s left wing. (My husband jokingly commented that there must be a lot of geese flying around in circles!)

I must admit my favourite event was the track and field at Carrara Stadium. I saw long jump, high jump, shot put, hurdles, 100 and 400 metre heats and T54 heats. Some of these were part of the men’s decathlon. The T54 heats were very exciting with the Aussies behind until the last straight and then surging forward to take placings.



What was noticeable at the track and field was how everyone cheered encouragingly for all competitors. It was a great atmosphere with everyone acknowledging the sporting prowess on show.

As well as visiting The Games, there was opportunity to shop (of course), sightsee, eat good food and relax. An international event such as The Commonwealth Games is an opportunity to meet other people not only from Australia but also around the world. It is another bridge we can cross to learn more about those nations and cultures with which we are linked.  

For those of us who have experienced breast cancer it’s worth remembering that many of those countries don’t have access to medical services as good as ours, they don’t have breast care nurses to turn to, they don’t have breast prosthesis reimbursement schemes. It makes you realise that we one of the lucky countries.

I hope you have had an opportunity to either visit or watch The Games. To see some of the best athletes in the world striving for their best is a privilege. I am a proud Australian and love cheering for the Aussies.

Best wishes,

Jill Tucker

Founder of Erilan

Jill Tucker

Owner / Manager

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