Erilan is Featured on Google Australia

Last week, Google Australia released a video featuring Jill. It focuses on Jill’s story and how Erilan was created to help rural women in Australia who’ve undergone breast surgery.

The video was unveiled at the Business Leaders’ Summit in Canberra's Parliament house last week - and we’re pleased to let you know that Jill was invited to form a panel of industry experts, which was led by none other than David Koch. Jill travelled to Canberra on Tuesday September 18th for the ACCI (Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Summit at Parliament House for an evening of cocktails hosted by Google Australia, who sponsored this year’s summit.

The exclusive members’ Summit was for Australian Chamber members, Government, opposition, regulators and business leaders to discuss and debate the current employment, workplace and industry situations across Australia and what organisations like the ACCI can do to secure future prosperity.

During the evening, The National President of ACCI spoke as well as one of the heads of Google. Jill, as part of the panel, had a platform to tell her story and get her voice heard on behalf of small and rural businesses across the country, which is a tremendous opportunity for both Jill and Erilan. Jill had an unforgettable time at the Summit, rubbing elbows with lots of influential people including politicians, business leaders and famous public figures - after all, it’s not every day you get to meet Kochie!



We spoke to Jill to find out what filming with Google was like:

“I had been in talks with Michele from Google Japan for about 2 months prior to the filming.  Dates and finer details were discussed and before I knew it, three people from Google Japan flew to Wagga Wagga (as well as Jason from Google Australia!). There was also a film crew (Versus) consisting of 5 people who came down from Sydney to get the footage needed.”

“They filmed from early morning to late evening for two days. They interviewed me and filmed me fitting clothing on a model, serving a customer in the shop, phoning customers, working on the computer, looking through a photo album - lots of different shots. The customer (the same one that was filmed in the shop) and I then walked around the local lake while we were filmed sitting and chatting while enjoying the view. I was also filmed visiting a customer at her home.  Next they filmed me driving around and walking along roads in the countryside and watching trains go by. They also came to my Bookclub meeting and filmed my friends and I there which was a lot of fun for everyone.”




“It was a very busy two days of filming. It was a great experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed and the Versus team as well as the Google team were very considerate, professional and easy to get on with. The end result was this Google Ad - which is on youtube too!”


We’ve worked to make Erilan a store in which women can buy mastectomy bras, prostheses and clothing and have them fitted in a comfortable, understanding environment saving many women hours of travelling to get to a store. Erilan also helps them avoid the guesswork and uncertainty when ordering online

Jill creates an environment where women can feel like they have someone to talk to - someone who has been through a similar experience, someone who will listen to them and relate to them on a level that many others can’t.

Erilan has also blossomed into a community; it’s a network of women who help each other feel less alone and less isolated while living in a small town where support may be more difficult to find. Jill also mentions how online tools like Google Ads, Facebook and Shopify have helped her grow the business and reach more women across Australia and, as of 2018, New Zealand.

We’re immensely proud of Jill and Erilan for all the hard work that has been recognised by such a big global brand.


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