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A couple of months ago a woman rang asking if she could purchase some lingerie and leisurewear through a lay buy system. It was a way in which she could purchase what she needed without upsetting the household budget. I agreed as I saw it as another way of assisting women who have experienced breast cancer.

I realised that this would most probably suit a lot of women for various reasons:

  • Women who actually do not want to take delivery of their purchases immediately due to them buying for Christmas or holidays
  • Women who wish to take advantage of specials but may not have the full outlay price at the time
  • Women who wish to ‘own what they take home’.

Fortunately, it has been made easy with Paypal who offer a Lay Buy option. How it works:

            1.Choose items, add them to your cart
              2. Select Lay-Buy option at checkout
              3. Minimum 10% deposit 
              4. Balance payable over three months 
              5. Purchases despatched on full payment
              6. Paypal admin fee .09% 

It is also possible to revise a LAYBUY order to enable you to settle the order earlier if you wish or to extend the term.

Lay Buy has made it easier for us all to balance our budgets while still being able to make purchases.

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