We’re a Community Friend: About The McGrath Foundation

Did you know that Erilan is a McGrath Foundation Community friend? This means we will donate $1 from every sale to the McGrath Foundation to show our support for this fantastic charity and all the hard work they do - and to help them continue to provide their excellent service.

We’re proud to support such a wonderful charity, but in case you don’t know much about the McGrath Foundation - or want to know more - here’s some information about their background and the work they do.

How it began

The McGrath Foundation is a breast cancer support and education charity that was founded, and is based in Australia. The charity was founded by Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath and his English-born wife, Jane McGrath, in 2005 following Jane’s diagnosis of breast cancer.


The late Jane McGrath - image source: https://www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au/about/jane-mcgrath/

Throughout her experience with breast cancer, Jane had a breast care nurse who helped both her and her family. This blazed the trail for the McGrath Foundation, which raises money so it case place its Breast Care Nurses in communities within Australia, in addition to educating the public on breast cancer. It has become one of Australia’s most recognised and respected charities.

What the McGrath Foundation does

The McGrath Foundation aims to place one of its specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses wherever they are needed in Australia, for free, no matter whether you’re in the private or public health system. This is to help ensure that any woman suffering from breast cancer is supported by a qualified nurse. It’s as simple as checking their website and finding the nearest nurse.

Breast Care Nurses

The role of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse is varied. From diagnosis through to referrals and follow up care, McGrath Breast Care Nurses play an important role in the wellbeing of their patients and families, taking care of their psychosocial, emotional and physical needs.


Image source: https://www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au/about/what-we-do/

Most McGrath Breast Care Nurses are in rural and regional areas where this kind of treatment can be expensive and/or hard to find, however, there is a growing need for nurses in urban areas. The Foundation works with local area health services to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in areas where they’re most needed - people suffering from breast cancer can directly contact their nearest McGrath Breast Care Nurse, who will then provide support completely free of charge.

Erilan founder Jill with Sue Munro who is one of her local McGrath Breast Care Nurses


The McGrath Foundation has also developed a breast education programme with an aim to ensure that everyone in Australia is aware of the importance of breast health, is confident in detecting any changes to breasts (encouraging regular checks), and is knowledgeable about the risk factors for breast cancer.


Image source: https://www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au/about/what-we-do/breast-awareness/

The programme aims to empower everyone to be familiar with and look after their bodies, and to take action that promotes their health and wellbeing. This includes providing resources for schools, workplaces and the communities: McGrath’s workbooks, presentations and videos are available for free to download from its website.

How you can help

Since 2005, the Foundation has placed 120 of its Breast Cancer Nurses in communities across Australia, and has supported more than 64,000 families. This is a huge achievement, but there’s still a lot more to do to reach every family going through breast cancer.

McGrath needs to raise approximately $390,000 to place each McGrath Breast Care Nurse in the community for a three-year period and relies on support from all over Australia – including individuals, communities, corporate partners and government. Anyone can help the charity by donating, hosting or attending events, or purchasing McGrath Foundation products, which helps continue Jane’s legacy.


Image source:  https://www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au/get-involved/pink-stumps-day/

The McGrath Foundation is one of Australia’s most recognised and respected charities and we’re proud to support them by being a Community Friend - remember, every purchase from Erilan helps McGrath continue their wonderful work.

To find out more about the inspiring work of the McGrath Foundation and to make an online donation check out their website.

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