Getting Behind Relay for Life

Each year my family gather together to participate in Relay for Life.  This will be our 10th consecutive year with the local Relay for Life being held at the end of this month.  Over that time we have raised in excess of $60,000.  As I look over the past ten years I smile at some of the fundraising events we have hosted.  Two memorable ones were family concerts in a local town hall. It seemed as though the whole district turned out to see us on the stage performing numerous skits and generally having a ball. It was as much fun back stage as it was in the audience!


Garden parties have been held and are now an annual   event as are high teas and fashion parades. 






We have held garage sales and cooked numerous sausages. Last Saturday we raised $2000.00 from our latest sale.






We have sold raffle tickets, held party plan afternoons and theatre sport evenings as well as plant sales. 

Not only have we raised much needed money for research and assistance to cancer patients and their families but we have also enjoyed our time as a family 'doing things' together.  

As we participate in this year's Relay we will remember a much loved mother and niece who didn't survive the cancer journey and also give thanks for four siblings who have. 

If their is a Relay near you, I encourage you to get involved.  You have the opportunity to change lives!

Jill Tucker

Owner / Manager

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