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mastectomy bra benefits

Benefits of a mastectomy bra:

Post-surgery bras, or 'mastectomy bras' are a specialised product for women requiring benefits which traditional bras simply do not offer.

The main benefits of mastectomy bras are:

  1. 1. Supportive, adjustable straps that help to restore body posture and stop straps digging in
  2. 2. Discreet pockets to hold prosthesis securely and invisibly for peace of mind
  3. 3. Deeper cups for comfort and extra support
  4. 4. Wider underband to keep the bra securely in place
mastectomy bra benefits

Benefits of mastectomy swimwear:

Many women feel their most self-consious when wearing swimwear. By wearing specially-designed mastectomy swimwear, you can look your best and feel your most confident.

The main benefits of mastectomy swimwear is:

  1. 1. A choice of higher necklines to ensure good coverage for total confidence whilst you swim
  2. 2. All swimsuits are fitted with pockets to hold your prosthesis securely and discreetly, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your prosthesis won’t slip
  3. 3. Higher cut under the arm for support and extra coverage
  4. 4. Elasticised under band to keep the bust section securely in place
  5. 5. Modest leg openings
  6. 6. Secret support of tummy control linings in some of our styles to help define your figure giving you excellent shape


Caring for your prosthesis:

  • To maintain the shape of your prosthesis it is recommended to store it in its orginal box.
  • Take care when pinning jewellery onto clothing that you do not pierce the outer skin as this can cause leakage.
  • Make sure you remember to wash your silicone prosthesis with lukewarm water and mild soap. Then it can be left to dry at room temperature or patted dry with a towel.

How to prolong the life of your lingerie:

  • Wash your garment after each wear
  • With modern fibres, normal soiling can be removed at low temperatures
  • Always read the label
  • A warm hand wash is usually the best for bras
  • Use gentle washing detergents ensuring the powder is completely dissolved so skin irritation does not occur
  • Dry garments in the shade, as the sun will cause the elastic to perish.
  • Machine washing will bend underwires
  • Bleaching may break down the elastics
  • Bras should not be dried in the clothes dryer as it can cause shrinkage which will allow the underwire to pop out.



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