• Amoena Contact Multi Adhesive Breast Pad: 2S
  • Amoena Contact Multi Adhesive Breast Pad: 2S
  • Amoena Contact Multi Adhesive Breast Pad: 2S

The Amoena Contact Multi* is a silicone pad featuring the same secure adhesive used in Amoena Contact breast forms. The pad can be adhered to any Amoena 2S or 3S breast form, which then allows the form to be attached to the chest wall. And because it's removed after each wear, it increases the versatility of the breast form - you can choose when to wear the form attached, and when not.

Features & Benefits:
The Contact Multi pad is made of a soft, strong silicone with adhesive on both sides - one side securely adheres to an Amoena symmetrical breast form (even one with a gel back layer); the other to a woman's chest wall.
The pad is easy to apply, wear and remove - giving women a new attachable solution and the freedom to choose.
Wearing a breast form attached has been known to give women a feeling of less weight and more flexibility with clothing options.
Like Amoena Contact breast forms, the Contact Multi pad requires a clean chest wall for the best adhesion. Daily cleaning is necessary using the Amoena Soft Cleanser and Soft Brush provided.

Recommended for use with Amoena Natura and Essential breast forms only. 

Brand: Amoena

$ 62.50 AUD

(If you don't know your prosthesis size, we'll use your bra size to determine your correctly sized breast form).

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