• Everyday Camisette

Camisettes offer style and confidence to all women. Camisettes are the perfect way to solve low neckline problems stylishly without adding the extra bulk of a full camisole or singlet. With a camisette it is so simple to create a stylish layered look in keeping with the fashion of today, and this has proved very welcome for many women who have had breast or heart surgery.

Current Fashions fill-in low necklines easily.

Layered Look created in a snap.

Surgical Scars concealed with style.  

Menopause no need to wear extra layers.

Professionals lean forward and stay covered.

Made from cotton with spandex for elasticity so one size fits all. They are extremely easy to use, just snap it over your bra straps and you're ready to go.

Brand: Aria Creative


Size & Fitting Guide

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