• Rigon Christine Milky Way Nightcap: Light Mushroom

Milky Way from Christine is a nightcap made of milk fibres which is a natural material with special qualities. It is breathable, moisture absorbing and keeps you warm - just like wool.
Milk fibres are, therefore, a natural choice for our nightcap in more than one sense - the cap will keep your head warm during night and at the same time it will feel soft and comfortable to wear - almost like a second skin. The production of milk fibres is known to have no impact on the environment, so milk fibres truly are a green product!

The Facts about Milk Fibres
  • Milk fibre is a sustainable product, made from excess of untreated raw milk which will not be used for drinking milk
  • Milk Fibre is made from the milk protein casein
  • The production is chemical free.
  • Milk Fibre is more durable than cotton
  • The Milk Fabric used for the Milky Way models has passed all tests for skin irritation which makes it very suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. Please note, however, that if an end-user is allergic to milk protein casein, the person will probably also be allergic to the milky way fabric.
  • The milk fibre is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class I certified
The protein in the milk fibre will, when worn close to the skin, add a delicate and soft lotion effect to the area it covers, leaving your sensitive skin feeling refreshed and so very comfortable.
Rigon have therefore added this special feature to this classic and comfortable night cap, that will make you feel warm and covered all through the night.

Materials: milk fibres/cotton/spandex


Brand: Rigon Headwear

$ 59.95 AUD

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