I don’t believe in New Year resolutions because, despite my best intentions, I never keep them! I learnt that about myself long ago. Instead, I suggest to myself some New Year Improvements that, if possible, would be beneficial to implement.

Now this years NYI is to have …wait for it……a regular blog. I know that may sound easy to some but I assure you, to me it is difficult. Difficult to find the time, difficult to find something that I think you would be interested in reading and then the difficulty in actually putting the words together.

But, I will endeavour to keep my NYI for as long as possible (and please note that I have not defined ‘regular’).

Well, to start….

Last night, accompanied by my sister, I viewed Amoena’s Spring 2016 product range. The lovely Melissa always has a drink and nibbles on hand so we can admire, discuss, comment etc in comfort. I must confess that at times I find it a little daunting when making selections of what to stock as I feel I am selecting on behalf of all women. If you have any feedback about the items I stock, please give it to me – it may help us all.

 (At this stage I ask myself, how long must a blog be?........ A little more perhaps).

Australia Day is looming .

I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains…….. (Thanks Dorothea). Yep, that’s Australia and I do love it! I believe it is the best country on earth. There’s nothing like the stillness of dawn during summer after the previous days’ heat; the smell of rain on the air; the sheer size of the space around us; the anticipation of the Boxing Day Test, The Melbourne Cup and the footie grand finals. Of course, there is the swatting of mozzies, the swishing away of flies and the stepping around bindies too. But it’s all Aussie. This big, beautiful country is for us all to enjoy and look after. This Australia Day, look around and take stock of the everyday things around you that you enjoy and be grateful for them. Lucky Country? You bet!

Well, there you have it. I think you have just read my first regular blog! Maybe keeping my NYI won’t be so difficult after all. Stay tuned to see how I fare.

Suggestions anyone?

Jill Tucker

Owner / Manager

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