Breast Asymmetry and Partial Shapers

Nearly half of all women have some degree of breast asymmetry, or uneven breast size.  It is normal for breasts to grow at slightly different rates during puberty, and the impact of hormones through your menstrual cycle, use of contraceptives, pregnancy and breastfeeding and then menopause and ageing can all affect their size and shape. No amount or type of exercise will make any difference to the asymmetry.

For some women, the asymmetry is more dramatic, for example due to breast surgery or Poland Syndrome. Sometimes this can lead to neck and back pain due to uneven weight on the chest changing the position of the shoulders.

If you are bothered by your breast asymmetry, you may choose to use a partial shaper to balance things out.  These are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. They can be worn against the skin or in the pocket of your bra, or you may prefer a Contact Shaper which comfortably adheres to your skin. Sizing is based on your usual bra size, and choosing a size from the dropdown menu on the product page will display which bra sizes it matches with.

Here is a guide to selecting the perfect shaper for you:

One breast is slightly smaller than the other

An Oval shaper can help add volume where it is needed, and may be worn vertically or horizontally to suit your body and comfort.  Eg. 227 Balance Natura TO (Thin Oval)

oval breast shaperoval breast shaper

One breast is much smaller than the other

A Delta shaper, covering the whole breast and adding volume all over, can help. These come in 3 different thicknesses (thin or TD, medium or MD, and volume or VD) depending on how much extra volume you need.  Once you have chosen your size (according to usual bra size) and desired thickness, you can select which style you prefer:

  • Natura (standard lightweight silicone, available in thin, medium and volume)
  • Contact (which adheres to your body, available in medium or volume) or
  • Adapt Air (can be inflated as needed to perfectly match your body shape).

volume delta shaper

Missing tissue in one area (particularly underneath the breast)

An Ellipse shaper can fill in the missing area, for example Natura SE (Special Ellipse).

special ellipse shaper

Missing or uneven tissue in various areas

A Varia shaper may suit. These are also available in Adapt Air, Contact, or Natura styles.

varia shaper

You want to swim or exercise

Although you can wear your usual shaper for swimming (except for the Adapt Air), it may absorb some of the smell of chlorine or perspiration, or the oils from sunscreen. For an active lifestyle or regular swimming it is best to use a lightweight swim shaper, such as the Anita Pure Fresh.

swim partial shaper

Read more about how to measure yourself for a partial shaper by clicking the image below, or make a free virtual fitting appointment for personalised advice - you can book an appointment here.