Choosing the Right Mastectomy Swimwear

We all know that swimming is a great form of exercise and a healthy pastime. Fortunately, we are able to swim all year round thanks to the many indoor and hydrotherapy pools available.  At Erilan we want you to feel confident and fabulous after breast surgery as you hit the beach or pool.

There are many options in styles and colours from which to choose. Designers of mastectomy swimwear spend many hours choosing fabrics, colours and patterns to meet your post surgery needs. 

You may ask yourself whether you need to wear a pocketed swimsuit but there are many benefits:

  • The soft cups in the bust give an even shape
  • Higher neckline and underarms are available to cover scarring and ‘the hollow’ that may be present.
  • The wide elasticated under band keeps the cupped section firmly in place
  • The pockets are discreet and hold the breast form safely.

There are many styles of mastectomy swimwear available so which one, or two, do you choose? The following guide may help you.


The oval or apple shape: These shapes have a fuller waist, bust and broader shoulders, combined with lean legs and narrower hips. The trick with this body shape is to highlight your perfect pins! When looking through our swimwear collection try to choose a swimsuit that creates a waistline. Ruching is also a great styling detail for apple shapes.

Try Amoena Ayon HB 


The triangle or A shape: This is also called the pear shape where the bottom half of your body is curvier than the top… you have curvy hips, a larger bottom and are smaller on top. Look for swimsuits and tankinis in bright colours to emphasise your upper body, along with eye-catching patterns or detailing on the top half. If you prefer bikinis the more subtle the better, so look for designs in just one colour.

Try Sunmarin 18026 or Amoena Cocos Bikini 

The inverted triangle or V shape: To even things out a bit, focus on your bottom half. When you accentuate your hips with patterns, bold colours or ruffles, you make them look a little wider and more balanced with your shoulders. Bikini bottoms that are tied at the sides, and swimdresses, could look great on you too.

Try Amoena Ayon Sarong

The rectangle shape: You have a rectangular body shape if your shoulders and hips are equally wide and your waist has little or no definition. Your figure is rather straight with few curves. The key is to choose a swimsuit that redefines your waist and adds fullness to your upper and lower body.

Try Amoena Rome or Sunmarin 12101

The Hourglass or X-shape: Almost any swimsuit style will work for you but particularly designs that emphasise your waist and can give your bust sufficient support. You could consider highlighting your hourglass figure even more with a swimdress or a bikini that has a high waist— both are particularly flattering.

Amoena Cocos

Whatever swimsuit you choose remember to be sun safe and enjoy the day!