The Latest in Surgical (Post Surgery) Bras

With more breast conserving surgery being carried out and many women opting for reconstruction surgery, the need for surgical bras to enhance the healing process has never been more important. As well as mastectomies and reconstructions there are augmentations, reductions, uplifts and oncoplastic surgery which all need the right surgical bra. New bras have been introduced and the following is a guide from Erilan.

Different surgeries may need different levels of compression.  Surgeons, as well, may have a preference for the level of compression. These factors will help determine which bra to wear.

Why do I need a compression bra?

The benefits of compression are numerous:

  • Relief of the surgical area and support of the operated breast
  • Supports wound healing
  • Protection of sensitive scar tissue
  • Can reduce postoperative swelling/pain
  • Helps shape the breast

Wearing such a bra helps to keep the operated breast or breasts immobile and or/stabilised during the healing phase and should be worn for approximately 6 weeks, day and night, (only removed for bathing), after surgery.

Amoena Surgical Bras:

Amoena have introduced a system ‘Curasupport Compression’. The following bras have been designed for wear straight after surgery.

Low compression Bras: Amoena Leyla, Amoena Sarah,

Medium compression bras: Amoena Sina, 

High Compression bras: Amoena Pamela

Fitting Tip:    

The Amoena Leyla, Sina and Pamela are not cup specific.  This enables much easier fitting, especially in regard to breast reductions, as it is not always possible to accurately know the cup size until after surgery. Due to the bras unique design they adjust to the cup size required and help shape the breast while offering the necessary level of compression. These bras are also hygienically prepared and packaged for direct clinical use through a pre-washing process.

Lipoelastic Surgical Bras:

Lipoelastic don’t rate their bras as low, medium or high. 

The garments are placed on a torso and a Swiss measuring device ensures the garments provide pressure of between 20 and 30 mmHg, which is optimum for healing post-surgery.  This is carried out regularly to ensure the customer is receiving a garment with the correct compression for their needs.

Popular bras include: Lipoelastic Variant, Ideal and Special Comfort. These bras offer either hook and eye or zip front closure.  The hook and eyes have multiple rows to allow for adjustment as swelling decreases.


All of these Amoena and Lipoelastic bras are listed on Erilan’s website and the surgeries for which they are recommended.

Women sometimes think that a sports bra or any front fastening bra will suffice after breast surgery, but it must be remembered that they are lingerie not surgical bras. They are not designed with compression properties or have the means to protect the breasts and help shape them.

Compression Belts/Bands 

These are designed to be worn when implants are used in either breast reconstruction or breast augmentation. They help keep the breasts in place and prevent the implants from moving during the healing process. They can be worn with any surgical bra.  The Amoena Compression Belt and Lipoelastic Breast Band are both available.


Generally, these bras can continue to be worn after healing giving good support for activities such as sport.

Having the correct surgical bra helps ensure the best outcome following surgery. You can go about your everyday life knowing that you are well supported in a compression bra for optimum healing.