What Bra to Wear Next When Breast Surgery Wounds Have Healed

After breast surgery a surgical compression bra is normally worn for about six weeks, until healing has occurred. After this, when compression is no longer needed, there are soft bras specifically designed for the next stage before you start wearing an 'everyday' bra. 

Extremely comfortable, they are suitable for skin that has healed but may still be highly sensitive.


One excellent option is Emilia, which provides support in different areas with clever zoned construction. It's designed to be worn after you no longer need compression garments but before you are ready for regular underwear.   Specially selected materials reduce skin irritation and ensure comfort.

Emilia comes in nude, black and white.  



Another great option is Ester. Patterned after the Performance Sports Bra, it has a modern and sporty design that does not look medical. The moulded cups are smooth and seamless under clothing to avoid any irritation. The straps are wide, padded and adjustable for extra comfort. It is available in white and black.


If you wish to start wearing an everyday bra earlier than 6 weeks, just check with your surgeon or breast care nurse about the type of bra to wear.  Should it be wire-free, or is underwire ok? Does it need have wide straps? If your lymph glands have been affected by your surgery they may suggest that you don't wear an underwire due to the risk of lymphoedema occurring. Wide straps also better support larger breasts by helping to distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders.

Choosing the right bra to wear will help to ensure optimal healing and comfort.