Breast Prostheses and Bras While Healing After Breast Surgery

You have just completed breast surgery and are now waiting for your body to heal and the swelling to subside which can, on average, take 5 - 6 weeks.  During this time you still need to 'do life' which usually involves going out and about.  So what do you wear during this time to help you feel comfortable and look 'normal'? Some are fortunate to be supplied with a Berlei bra and soft prosthesis by a breast care nurse. As well, here is a list of prostheses and bras which will help you during this transitional period. 

Prostheses: These are extremely lightweight and soft.  They are designed to be gentle on the skin while healing is taking place. They can also be worn whilst sleeping or for leisure but should not be a substitute for a properly weighted prosthesis for everyday wear.

  • Amoena Priform is filled with soft fibre-fill and has a cotton back which sits comfortably against the skin.  
  • Anita Equilightis made with skin-friendly breathable microfibre and filled with fibre-fill.  It has a special coating on the front which helps secure it to the bra to stop it riding up during wear. 
  • Trulife First Fit has a seamless front for a smooth look and the back fabric is soft and moisture-wicking Coolmax fabric. 

Both the Priform, Equilight and First Fit prostheses have an opening at the back which allows the amount of fibre-fill to be adjusted for a more personalised fit during the healing process. 

Bras for Mastectomy & Lumpectomy & General Breast Surgery - These are usually front fastening as mobility may be limited after surgery.  They are soft and comfortable to sensitive skin. They will not give you the same shape or support as an everyday bra.  They may be worn as a leisure or sleep bra with a leisure style prosthesis.  

  • Amoena Frances is made with ultra soft cotton and the front fasteners are easy to use. It comes in a range of fashion colours. 
  • Anita Salvia is made with high quality single-knit cotton with a wide stretch underbust band made of towelling fabric.  Towelling fabric is also used as a very soft underflap on the hook and eye band. Also helps with the prevention of lymph build-up at the side under the bust.
  • Anita Isra is 90% cotton with bands around the arms, on the underbust and the neckline particularly soft and flatly tailored.
  •  Trulife Charlotte features a comfortable microfibre stretch soft cup with feminine style. The pockets are also made of soft microfibre. 

If you have had a reconstruction or augmentation other specific bras would be more suitable such as Amoena Sarah, Amoena Patricia, Amoena Leyla, Amoena Ester or the Lipoelastic range.   You can read about them in this blog.