Compression Bra Versus Sports Bra

Many women wonder whether they really need a special post-surgery compression bra, or whether a sports bra or crop-top will do. Often the decision has to be made in a rush after an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis and surgery booking, and there is not much time to weigh up your options whilst you are dealing with all the emotional and physical considerations.

Here are some pros and cons of each:

Sports Bras 

sports bra


  • cheap
  • easily available at local stores


  • thin, low-stretch underbust band that may cut in and impair lymphatic flow
  • may not cover the whole affected area (so that swelling may occur outside the area)
  • seams may irritate delicate skin during healing
  • may be painful or difficult to pull on and off during healing

Surgical Brasleyla surgical bra


  • wide straps velcro adjustable straps
  • high back and wide soft underbust band to cover whole surgical zone
  • front opening to permit easy wound care, and easier to get on and off whilst wounds are healing and mobility is reduced
  • pre-washed and packaged hygienically ready for immediate post-surgical use
  • clinically tested as a medical product
  • seamless to avoid skin irritation or pressure on wounds
  • zoned pressure areas knitted into the fabric to provide compression where it is needed
  • contain pockets, if you wish to wear a soft "recovery form" during healing


  • more expensive
  • may be harder to source locally (online may be easiest)
  • depending on style, may need advice from a trained fitter