Going Braless after Breast Surgery - Mastectomy Tops with In-Built Bras

Many women are under the impression that wearing a bra may keep your breasts from becoming saggy in the future. Many women believe the opposite - that wearing a bra can make them droop. The subject has been much debated, but whichever camp you’re in, it doesn’t really matter: the fact is, there are benefits both to wearing a bra and to going braless. But today we’re going to look at why you might want to try ditching the bra for a change.

It improves circulation. This makes a lot of sense if you think about it: when you remove your bra you’re removing the the constricting band around your chest, and improving circulation as a result. Better circulation leads to firmer skin, better concentration and improved organ function.

Freeing your boobs can also improve the general health of your skin as sweat and dirt are no longer trapped against the skin by material that doesn’t breathe.

This study also shows that going braless could help you get a better night’s sleep. Bras - especially those that are ill-fitting - can cause discomfort, disrupt cardiac rhythm and affect core-temperature, all of which can can contribute to poor sleep quality.

Ditching the bra for a few days a week make you more aware of your boobs - more so than when they are ensconced in fabric every day, anyway. That gives you more opportunities for breast self-examinations, helping you become more familiar with how they look and feel so you can spot any irregularities more easily (and get them checked out).



It’s comfortable! We all love taking our bras off after a long day, so why not enjoy that end-of-the day comfort all day long by skipping the bra entirely? If you're worried about how it might look, you can buy tops with built-in shelf bras that give you benefits of support without the constraints of a bra. Check out our collection of pocketed bras and camisoles.


Let’s revisit the sagging breasts “conspiracy” for a second. Firstly, some boobs are naturally droopy. That's a fact of life, and it's fine - all boobs are good boobs, whether they’re big or small, droopy or pert. Secondly, there’s this firmly held belief that if you don’t wear a bra, your breasts will become saggy.

Well, the great news is, the opposite is true. A French study actually found that women who went braless developed more muscle tissue, allowing their bodies to support their breasts naturally. And that’s great! But they key thing to remember is to be comfortable. If you like wearing a bra, wear a bra, if you like going braless, go braless - ultimately, neither will cause you any harm so you’re free to wear whatever you want.



Now, let’s look at the situation where you may only have one breast - can you go braless? Remembering that our bodies need to be evenly weighted it’s fine to go braless for short periods of time if you don’t mind the ‘uneven look’. It’s your body so if you’re happy that way, that’s fine. For others the need to look ‘normal’ is paramount so the idea of going braless doesn’t enter the equation. What you can do though is have the illusion of bralessness by wearing camisoles or tops with a bra shelf in them - you can even wear evening clothes and dresses this way. People think you are braless and it does give you a greater sense of freedom. Slip your prosthesis in the pocket and you’re ready for the day or night.