Headwear Options During Breast Cancer Treatment

If you’ve lost your hair a scarf or hat can help keep your head warm in the winter and protect it from the sun in the summer. You may also find they can help you feel more at-ease with your new aesthetic. There are some days when you might want something soft and comfortable and others where you might want something more practical, or those when you want something dressier. Thankfully, there are lots of options out there with styles and fabrics to suit any occasion.


Turbans are comfortable head coverings that are designed to fit in place easily and stay there during most activities and weather conditions. Turbans don’t demand any training to style as the applications are usually pre-fixed, making them an excellent first-time headpiece.


Headscarves are both versatile and fashionable, giving you complete control over your personal style. You can create a lot of extra volume around the head or neck with the scarf ribbons - just tie the ribbons high for an elegant and sophisticated appearance or fasten them low for a quick yet elegant everyday look.


Headbands are easy-to-style and multi-functional with lots of opportunities for creating fashionable looks, plus they come in a wide variety of prints. They can be worn with your own hair or they can be used as a discreet and trendy way to secure a wig. You could also choose to wear a headband with a basic turban to add a unique touch, or alone as a light turban to keep the sun off your head.



It can be tricky to find hat styles for hair loss that give the extra depth and coverage needed to conceal all bald spots - for example those at the nape of the neck and in front of the ears can be very difficult to cover.

Barge caps and Baker Boy hats have more fabric to them, which can help cover any bald spots.

Bucket hats are also good for shade in the summer and can comfortably cover the back of the neck when tilted backwards. They are also easy to find on the high street, especially in the summer.

Beanie hats come in many different shapes with nuances that add soft volume with fabric folds, prints and/or textures. Many women use their hair to create volume and frame the head, and beanie hats can replicate this effect giving a flattering look.


As well as plenty of styles of headwear, there are plenty of fabric options too. Some are soft and comfortable, some are breathable or offer more protection, and some provide a luxurious feel.


Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric that is very soft on the scalp, so it won’t irritate your skin. Try and ensure that the cotton fabric you pick isn’t too heavy as fabrics become less breathable when they are thicker. Feel the fabric - you should be able to tell whether it’s light (thin and flexible) or heavy (thick and stiff).

Cotton is very absorbent which means it may become damp as it takes in any sweat you produce. If this happens, don’t worry - the moisture in the fabric will quickly evaporate, thanks to cotton’s breathable nature.


Believe it or not, bamboo is even more breathable and lightweight than cotton! It’s also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and very soft. These qualities make bamboo a fabric perfect for headwear. Some bamboo headpieces are made with a mix of bamboo fabric and lycra or spandex. This gives the bamboo a bit of extra stretch for a secure, natural fit which will ruche nicely against your head, giving height and texture, preventing the fabric from sitting too flatly on your head.


Silk scarves are great for a special night out in the summertime or a fancy event. Silk is smooth, lightweight and gives a lovely drape. A silk scarf feels a little more glamorous than some more basic fabrics.

However, it’s worth knowing that silk is not a breathable fabric, meaning it can trap moisture rather than letting it evaporate. If you plan to wear a silk scarf for more than an hour, or on a hot day, you may need to wear a cotton cap underneath.

If you plan to wear a silk scarf to an event, or when it’s slightly cooler, you might find that it can stay dry and cool all night long. Silk can slip off bare skin, so consider wearing a cotton cap with a silk headscarf.

While comfort is almost always paramount, it’s important to feel good about ourselves too, so whether it’s wearing a cosy cotton turban or a glam silk headscarf, do whatever makes you happy!

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