Hold Up Adhesive for Breast Forms, Wigs and Post Surgery Clothing

Have you heard about Hold Up? It’s a fantastic multi-use product that’s a wonderful handbag staple. Hold Up adhesive is a body glue that is hypoallergenic, non-irritant and suitable for use even on sensitive post-surgery skin. It’s easy to remove by simply using water and it doesn’t stain clothing or skin. It’s also super easy to apply with a roll-on applicator. Because it is a glue and not hard like some tapes, the adhesive is pliable and moves with your skin allowing greater freedom of movement. With party season coming up, there are plenty of ways you can use this glue to help keep your outfit in place, including wigs and breast forms. Here are 5 handy uses for Hold Up adhesive.

Breast forms

Some women prefer to go braless, especially on hot summer days or during events where an outfit must be worn without a bra. This may cause a bit of trouble if you’re wearing a top that does not keep your breast form in place. A light cotton or sheer blouse, for example, may leave your breasts moving freely as you walk. The perfect solution for this problem is using body adhesive.

Hold Up Body Adhesive is gentle and skin-safe. It leaves no sticky after-feeling on both the skin and clothing, so is a great solution to keep your breast forms in perfect shape even when you move. Although it isn’t designed to let you go braless, it will hold your breast forms to your chest in place to promote natural movement and feeling. It also lets you go about your daily activities without feeling any discomfort.

Keep your wig in place

If you’ve ever worn a wig, chances are you’ve worried about it slipping. Hold Up can work wonders for wig wearers by helping to secure the hairpeace in place, preventing it from moving around and potentially slipping.  

Before placing the wig on your head, secure any natural hair so it stays out of the way. Once covered, any extra wig lace should be trimmed. Hairpins can be used to keep the lace intact to secure the wig on the head without it getting loose, but this is where Hold Up comes in handy.

The body adhesive can be used for some extra security. Although it is best used on a balding head, you can use it if you have hair, just be extra careful not to get the glue in your hair. Hold Up Body Adhesive is great for keeping the wig from falling off and hiding any exposed lace.



Applying the glue will not damage the quality of the wig material and it can be easily removed with water, so it leaves no stain when the wig is washed or cleaned. Regardless of your reason for wearing a wig, you’d definitely want to avoid letting your wig fall off your head, so we recommend using body adhesives just to be on the safe side, especially as the party season draws near.


Sometimes we wear clothes are too loose or broken and don’t realise until after we’ve left the house and can no longer do anything about it. Bras, blouses, socks, skirts or even bikini tops – they can all fall off or slip in public, and it can be very embarrassing.

Here are some of the most common scenarios:

  • Your knee-high socks keep sliding down.
  • Your dance leotard is loose, affecting the way you do your routines and body movements.
  • The straps on your top keep falling down and you have to lift them up from time to time.


Thankfully, keeping some body adhesive in your bag can save the day from a wardrobe malfunction. Just use the roll on applicator to spread a thin layer of adhesive between the clothing and your skin to hold clothing in place. Hold Up can really help in instances of loose straps, loose socks, loose swimwear, and others. It is a quick remedy to unexpected clothing problems. Hold Up Body Adhesive is water soluble and it can easily be wiped off and cleaned without leaving any stains.


Bra Straps

Slipping bra straps can be very annoying to deal with when you’re out and about and can’t adjust them. One quick solution to slipping bra straps is applying body adhesive to the strap to secure it to the skin. Just apply a thin layer of Hold Up adhesive on the strap and then press it against the skin a minute after it dries up.

Body adhesive can save you from the hassle of lifting your bra strap underneath your blouse or shirt too often. This is a quick remedy to a typical day at work where you realised that you wore the wrong bra. The adhesive won’t damage the strap or any other kind of material being glued on the skin because it is water soluble, which means it can be easily wiped away with water.

Surgical stockings

Compression stockings can be very helpful to those who have been diagnosed with a vascular condition and require these tight fitting garments to improve their circulation. However, while compression stockings and support hose can help with these disorders, they often cause distraction, discomfort and pain to the wearer as they slip and move down the leg. Even though some compression stockings come with a gripping top band, a common complaint is that these do not always work to keep the garments in place all day.



Hold Up Body Adhesive works as a great solution that can help hold up your stockings without damaging the material. Just apply as you would with any other type of clothing and then wipe away with water when needed.


We’re sure this wonderful product has many more imaginative uses, just remember to keep it in your handbag to help solve your wardrobe malfunctions on the go. You can buy Hold Up Adhesive from the Erilan store and it also comes in an extra strength formula.