Measuring your head for the best fitting hat

We suggest that you measure your head to ensure the best fit for your hat.  This is relatively simple task. All you need is a tape measure, preferably in centimetres, or a length of string/wool.  
Place the tape or string/wool around your head where the hat would sit.  This is generally around 1.5 centimetres above your eyebrows or 2.5 centimetres above your ears. Check that the tape is not twisted.  The tape should feel as you wish the hat to feel when wearing it i.e. not too tight or too loose. Where the tape or string/wool meets at the starting point is your head measurement.  If using string/wool, just lay it along a ruler to convert to centimetres.  
It's a good idea to repeat the measurement 2 or 3 times to be sure - if the measurements are different, use the largest one.
Remember that most of our hats have internal comfy-fit or ties to adjust the size. This allows you to choose a hat that can be 2cm-3cm larger than your head as it can be tightened to fit.