How to reduce breast scarring following surgery

Both the type and number of breast surgeries are growing, whether it be mastectomy or the growing kinds of procedures now conducted. This makes the need for effective post-operative scar treatments increasingly important. Every breast surgery results in scarring to some degree and scars are most than just an aesthetic issue;  they can bulge out from the skin and they can be very painful. Scar therapy can reduce the visibility of the scar and improve its texture.

Scar therapy can be started immediately after the wound has healed. One method is with a combination of compression garments and silicone patches which has proven to be a successful therapeutic approach. 

How compression bras & silicone patches work

The combination of a compression bra with a silicone patch has a positive influence on scar healing.  The silicone creates a moist environment on the scar, which prevents the scar from drying out.  It keeps the scar soft and provides optimal scar healing. 

silicone scar patch breast surgery scar reduction

Pictured above: Combination of Mammilla Circle and Anchor Silicone patches with Amoena Leyla seamless compression bra being used after reconstruction.


Panty Compression garment

Pictured above: Combination of Square silicone patch with Panty Compression garment after reconstruction with autologous tissue.

The Silicone Effect

By preventing major water loss, silicone patches help secure the optimal scar healing environment. When skin is wounded (as a result of surgery for instance) it's ability to conserve water is also affected. The use of silicone patches minimises the severity of scar formation by providing adequate hydration.

The use of both silicone patches and compression garments helps to ensure an optimal outcome after surgery.