Which Turban Is Right For You?

Erilan is pleased to stock the Christine Collection of Danish designed headwear for hair loss. The range provides women with a real choice in chemo headwear coverings for hair loss, and the opportunity to feel beautiful during a difficult time.  

But which one to choose? 

There are many different types of turban styles so here is a guide to help you make your choice:

Shakti: These turbans have a wide attached headband, that can be used to create extra volume.  The headband can lie flat or be slightly twisted for a different finish. The headband is printed on the one side and solid coloured on the other which also gives a different look depending on how you style it. They are quick and easy to style with little fuss. They are also generally made of bamboo which is a lovely, soft fabric. See the video on the Shakti turbans for styling tips.

Shanti: These turbans are fitted with pleated layers at the front that require hardly any styling once placed on your head. The pleats can be arranged to give extra volume if required. Shantis are a very easy to wear turban with the colours giving them style. See the video on the Shanti turbans for styling tips.

Lotus:  The attached lotus flower on the side and the decorative pleats make for a stylish, easy to wear turban. After placing on the head, just arrange the pleats for extra volume and you're ready to go. These turbans can come in either bamboo or linen. See the video on the Lotus turbans for styling tips.

Yoga: These are perhaps the simplest of all turbans and ideal when you want to just pull something on and run out the door. The sewn pleats along the front are attractive and they come in many plain colours and patterns. An excellent no fuss turban made from bamboo.

Tula: This is a great bamboo turban if you would like to have the 'feel' of hair on your neck.  The turban has an attached headband which can be arranged around your head to give the amount of extra height or volume that you need.  It can also be twisted or lie flat for a different look. It has an extra piece attached at the back like a ponytail which can be worn in different ways. See the video on the Tula turbans for styling tips.

Kiara: The separate headband and turban of the Kiara allows multiple styling opportunities as the the headband can be used with other turbans or a wig. The headband allows for extra volume if needed when worn with the turban. It is easy to style. See the video on the Kiara turbans for styling tips.

Boho: The Boho range can be split up into Sapphire, Scarlet, Ruby Sky, Pearl Velvet and Pandora. The range is a smart, sophisticated range using the latest colours and designs. See the video on the Boho turbans for styling tips.

  • The Sapphires are a versatile turban consisting of a turban with an attached headband and a long scarf that you can clip on at the back. There are many ways they can be worn to achieve different looks. You can wear the turban and attached headband with the long scarf and style the long scarf in many different ways. Or, you can unclip the scarf and just wear the turban and attached headband. Another great feature is that you can wear the long scarf with other turbans to create an entirely new turban.
  • Scarlet comes with a headband that you can unclip if you wish.  Once again, very versatile.  You can wear the turban by itself or attach the headband with the clip and create a different look. The headbands are a stylish feature and are great for special occasions. 


  • Ruby Sky is a simple, stylish turban lined with bamboo. The classic look requires no styling once it is fitted.
  • Pearl Velvet is a new release autumn/winter turban. It requires minimal styling to create a rich, glamorous look. Just pull on and you are ready.
  • Pandora is also new and is an easy to wear turban with a small peak. The fabric gives a classy look and the bamboo lining ensures comfort and warmth. No styling required once fitted.

Viva:  The Viva range includes Emily, Emmy, Zoya, Rosa, Laura. It is a fashionable, value for money range. 

  • Emily is an easy to wear turban in a mixture of cotton and viscose making it light and comfortable to wear. Just pull on and go.
  • Emmy is a turban with a separate headband.  This allows you to mix and match the headbands with other turbans.
  • Zoya is a turban with an elegant cross over draping at the front for added volume. It is extremely comfortable and requires little styling once fitted.
  • Rosa is new for autumn and winter and is made of a ribbed fabric. it has extra material at the back which allows for additional styling at the side.
  • Laura is a simple easy to wear turban that requires little styling. Because of its simplicity it is easy to add a scarf or headband to create a different look.


We hope that through this collection we have helped you find inspiration so you will feel empowered, comfortable, fashionable and confident.