Who can wear a mastectomy bra?

We are often asked by women if they are able to wear a mastectomy bra if they have not had breast surgery. 

The simple answer is absolutely, yes!

The main difference between a mastectomy bra and a non-mastectomy bra is the 'pocket' that is sewn into the mastectomy bra. The pocket is simply a layer of material to form the pocket (think of a pocket in a pair of slacks) which holds a breast form or shaper.  This pocket can even be cut out if desired without affecting the integrity of the bra. 

Many women who have not had breast surgery prefer mastectomy bras due to their comfort. Mastectomy bras tend to have wider, more padded straps to avoid cutting into the shoulders, and to distribute the weight of the breasts well without putting strain on the neck or shoulders.  The side and back panels of the bras are wider, to avoid cutting in and this also gives a smoother line under clothing.  The cups are well constructed and tend to cover more of the breast, giving better support. 

Months  of design and testing go into the bras before they are released to ensure their comfort, functionality and that they reflect the latest colours and trends.   

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