Keeping Cool with the Right Mastectomy Product

keep cool mastectomy

Many people in Australia live in hot, dry places. Others experience periods of hot flushes and variations in body temperatures. So what’s available in post mastectomy wear that may help you keep your cool?

Prostheses with heat controlling properties: Many breast forms have material in them that help regulate and balance fluctuations in body temperature.  The material actually absorbs, stores and releases body heat behind the form. i.e. Absorbs excess heat during a rise in temperature – Stores it within the breast form layer – Gently releases it when body temperature decreases.  Prostheses such as the Amoena Cosmetic, Energy and Natura range and Trulife Bodicool have this feature. Alternatively, the Anita Fashion features a microfibre back that guarantees a pleasant skin climate.

Prostheses that are lightweight: Many breast forms are also lighter than your natural breast.  Studies have proven that they can be up to 40% lighter without any ill effects such as dropped shoulders or back/headache etc.  This can afford women a much higher level of comfort especially during times of increased body temperature. Most breast forms on my website are lightweight.  

Leisure forms and bras: There can be nothing nicer than stripping off at the end of a long and busy day and putting on a leisure bra with a leisure form. A leisure form is usually made from exceptionally lightweight, breathable cotton that’s very kind to the skin. Some are also very lightly weighted.  Together with a soft cotton bra it makes for a comfortable evening at home.  They can also be worn whilst sleeping.  Bras such as Amoena Frances or Hannah are ideal with an Amoena Priform, Weighted Leisure Form or Trulife Tri-Leisure and  Featherweight form. 

Camisettes, Bandeaus and Acessory Tops: There are often times when women wear an extra layer under their shirts in order to have better coverage along the neckline. Camisettes and bandeaus etc take away the need for this hot extra layer. They either simply clip around the bra straps and tuck in underneath your neckline or slip over your bras giving you coverage without the heat. They come in a variety of colours and styles to suit all occasions.

Swimwear: There is no better way to beat the heat than to take a refreshing dip in the water. There is a wide range of swimwear available that is pocketed both sides and have increased chlorine resistance. Many are designed with a higher cut neckline and underarm for increased confidence. The pockets hold a breast form securely so it won’t slip or fall.  Breast forms specifically designed for swimming are also available such as Amoena or Anita Swimform and Trulife Activeflow. The Anita Active is also suitable for swimming. 

Valletta Tops:  Smooth and soft modal fabric make these garments ultra comfortable to wear alone or under clothing. They feature an integrated pocketed bra shelf for your prosthesis. The spaghetti straps and summer styling makes it a light, cool, comfortable top.

Erilan stocks a wide range of these products from Amoena, Trulife and Anita.