• Natura 1S Comfort + Mastectomy Prosthesis

Amoena Natura breast forms are designed to equalise the temperature behind the breast form with Amoena's revolutionary Comfort+ technology, helping to prevent perspiration behind the form during a rise in temperature, keeping a woman comfortable all day, every day. They also provide a more natural appearance due to the softer silicone front layer that emulates a natural drape that moves with the body.

Amoena Natura 1S 396 is a shallow symmetrical breast form. The modified triangle shape is ideal for a shallow fit. The back layer is a firmer, lighter weight silicone that holds up the softer front layer for a secure fit, without adding additional weight.

Brand: Amoena

$ 419.95 AUD

(We'll use your stated bra size to send you the correctly sized breast form).

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